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Golden Retriever Colors (5 Colors of Golden Retriever)

There are few dog breeds that are as friendly and warm-hearted as Golden Retrievers. That’s why they are one of the most popular dogs in the world. In this article, we will talk about the Golden Retriever Colors.

Their kindhearted nature makes them well-behaved and friendly to children. Golden retrievers are known for their obedience and playfulness.

Despite their name, not all Golden Retrievers are truly and fairly “Golden”. They have countable different coat shades in a very main way. Although not all of them are suited for common dog shows.

Golden Retriever Colors

Choosing a golden retriever as a pet dog is a wise option. But are you conscious that Golden Retrievers come in unique colors? Yes, it does. From particularly white color to cream, and dark brown to red golden color.  

Retrievers are medium-sized, strongly built dogs. According to AKC, puppies stand from 56 to 61cm and bitches from 51 to 56cm. Healthy adults typically weigh between 25 and 34 kg.

There are so many colors in golden retrievers, sometimes I had to explain to people that one cannot be completely black or all white.

All Golden Retriever Colors:

Ideally, there are 5 shades of color that a Golden Retriever has: 

  1. Cream Golden Retriever.
  2. Red Golden Retriever.
  3. Dark Golden Retriever.
  4. Light Golden Retriever.
  5. Classic Standard Golden Retriever.

Each of them is kind of elegant and pretty unique in its style. You will essentially find many colors, so selecting one is not an easy task. The color of the golden retriever can also change during his lifetime depending on the breed of the puppy.

Cream Golden Retrievers:

The cream golden retriever is quite popular. They look off-white and are also known as English golden retrievers. The cream golden color is more popular in the UK than in the United States.

The cream golden retriever has some characteristics related to color that set it apart from the rest. Cream golden retrievers generally have thinner coats than their darker-haired relatives. 

Despite the thinner nature of their hair, they still slip a lot, even though you might think they shed less. They are medium-sized dogs with fluffy coats of light golden fur.

Golden Retriever Colors

Most English creams weigh between 47 to 75 pounds and stand between 20 to 24 inches tall. They have intelligent, loyal and calmer personalities. These dogs are sweet, loving, and obedient. In other words, they are omnivores. Their lifespan is 10 to 12 years only. 

They are becoming increasingly popular as a designer dog breed. If you can find an honorable breeder, you will be able to bring home a unique puppy with a happy stunning appearance and a great personality. 

Also, they are easy to train and your dog doesn’t forget everything that they have learned. Physically, cream goldens have broader heads, longer necks, and are shorter than American goldens. They have rounded eyes and stockier builds than American goldens. 

Red Golden Retriever:

Red goldens are extremely beautiful and highly energetic. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Furthermore, They are the same as any other except for a few differences. 

They were born into a hunting or sporting family. The red Golden retriever is a shade of generally deep mahogany-colored and highlights of amber hue. His coats can be dark brown, reddish gold called the name “Red”.

They are wonderful family pets and can sometimes have straighter hair. These colored retrievers are friendly and a pleasure to be around. They are excellent for active people. 

The red golden retriever loves to go hiking, swimming, and hunting. Moreover, the dog makes a great family too. Also, they are between 20 and 23 inches tall and weigh between 60 and 75 pounds. Their lifespan is 12 to 13 years only.

In addition to loving and fitting in with everyone in your family, red golden retrievers are extremely emotional, and needy, and want to participate in all family activities. 

Since they thrive on human interaction, the more attention they receive, the happier they will be. Male Red Golden Retrievers will be a bit larger and additionally have extra power than females.

In terms of personality, there is little difference between the two genders. Both will be extra friendly. The dogs are very outgoing, love attention, and are sensitive as well.

Dark Golden Retriever:

The dark golden retriever looks similar to the red golden variation. Dark golden is the third color that the American club kennel recognizes. Dark golden retrievers are intelligent, dependable, and calm also. 

Many people mistake this coloring for copper or red fur coats, but it’s more of a golden yellow tone. Physically, the dark golden are strong and capable; they fit into the medium to large category with males. 

Golden Retriever Colors

They are capable of handling cold temperatures because their fur coat is designed to be water resistant like that of the duck. Golden retriever puppies have soft, fuzzy coats that will begin to change around six months of age. 

In this way, their new adult coat develops into a longer, denser double fur coat. Dark golden will have the same personality as others. They are extremely loving and loyal dogs and also very friendly. 

Light Golden Retriever:

The light golden retriever is one of the most common colors of the breed. Light Golden Retrievers have a coat that is a little bit darker than the complete “white” color but lighter than traditional gold. 

This is a very light shade called cream. This is the second variety of gold that is accepted by the international kennel club. Light golden is one of the more popular colors and they are everywhere in America.

Colors don’t count with these dogs, assume to get a cheerful and loving golden.

Classic Standard Golden Retriever:

Now, at last, we have to start with the classic golden retriever which is the most popular color in golden retrievers and also the “standard “.

The classic standard golden retriever is a systematic, powerful, active dog sound and well put together. They will always have a rich and bright golden coat that is not too really dark or too light.

There is not much to say about this classic golden retriever. you already kind of know what they mostly are and what they are about.

Taking Care of Golden Retriever Coat:

Despite their high intelligence and capability, Golden Retrievers cannot essentially maintain these long locks without your assistance. Ideally, you should brush your golden retriever daily to improve shedding and keep it clean. 

You may brush your golden retriever more often during spring and fall when they shed the most. Golden retrievers do not benefit from shaving.


What is the rarest color of a golden retriever?

Red Golden retrievers are particularly rare even though not possible to find. We additionally say that “red” is an umbrella term. In reality, pink and Golden are shades of mahogany, amber, red-gold, and dark brown.

What color do golden retrievers see?

Golden Retrievers may see green, yellow, and orange as yellowish, and violet and blue as well. The coloration pink is extra difficult for dogs to see.

How many colors are there in a golden retriever?

There are three main colors of golden retrievers: cream, light mild gold, and gold.

What is the best color in a golden retriever?

Standard Gold is the most popular color in the golden retriever, hence its name.

Do golden retrievers bark a lot?

The golden retriever isn’t a bit barker. They rarely bark out of control or for no apparent reason.


Golden retrievers come in five distinct shades, each with the same super-loving temperament. If you are searching for a beautiful, loyal, and loving companion, a golden retriever may be the ideal choice. 

There’s no surprise that golden retrievers are one of America’s favorite breeds. With their lovable personalities and good looks, goldens make the perfect companion for families and singles alike.  

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