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Long Haired Golden Retriever (Growth Stages/Care)

Golden retrievers are known for their loyalty as well as beauty. It’s very easy to detect a long haired golden retriever in the rest of the dogs around it. Their golden coat looks very beautiful, which makes them fun dog around.

Some dog breeds have long hairs, which are long, but in golden retrievers, the long hairs are not long. However, their hairs are shorter than some of the other dogs around.

The purpose of this article is to examine what determines the age at which your Golden Retriever grows long hair. After that, we’ll see if there’s anything you can do to speed up or improve the process. You’ll also learn how to maintain a healthy and shiny coat for your Golden Retriever.

At What Age Will a Golden Retriever Get Long Hair?

The growth rate of every dog is different in every breed. Long Haired Golden retrievers’ growth speed is quite faster than that of other dogs. 

In only one year, they can reach their stage of full growth. But, It will take approximately 1.5 years for the dog’s coat to fill out.

This makes it easy to guess a golden retriever’s age; If its hairs are long, the dog is at least 1.5 years old. Furthermore, the coat length will also increase along with age.

Long Haired Golden Retriever

Hair Growth Stages of Golden Retriever

When they are three months old, they will start showing some hair growth, but you may not see it as much until they are one year old.

When the Golden Retriever reaches age two, they will have a full coat that they will keep for their entire lives. Hair that grows long in adulthood will be one of the first places to grow taller. 

The feathering process will progress to the legs and stomach, starting at the tail. Eventually, it will cover the entire body with a full coat and long hair. In addition to being longer, the adult coat is likely to be darker than the puppy coat.

The thickness of the hair and the coat depends upon the environment around the dog. The coat will shed a bit to keep the dog cool in the summer.

Allergies and Long Coats

When people say they are allergic to dogs, there are some possibilities. The person doesn’t need to be allergic to the coat of the Golden Retriever. However, they might be allergic to the dog’s saliva or urine.

Moreover, if the coat on the golden Retriever is cut or trimmed, it can also create health issues. And this practice can also ruin the dog’s long coat.

Long Haired Golden Retriever

Factors to Consider While Owning a Long Haired Golden Retriever

Before choosing a Golden Retriever, you should consider some factors. If you plan on owning a Golden but would like a shorter hairstyle to minimize shedding. 

A Golden probably isn’t what you’re looking for. It is common for animals to shed at least twice a year, including dogs and cats. For some animals, it may be minimal, but for others, it may seem endless.

You may also find hair in some of the strangest places if you own a golden retriever. Even if you take your Retriever to a groomer, loose hairs will still float around your home. 

This includes landing on your dinner plate. Including furniture and rooms that the dog never enters, dog hair will likely be everywhere.

How to Speed Up the Hair Growth in Golden Retriever

You can help your golden Retriever grow hair by doing a few things:

  1. Make sure they are fed a high-quality dog food
  2. Ensure that your Golden Retriever is brushed every day
  3. Every other month, bathe the Retriever
  4. Never shave your golden Retriever

Advantages of Grooming your Golden Puppy Daily

You can help your Golden Retriever’s hair grow healthy and fast by grooming it frequently. Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders, so frequent grooming can reduce the amount of hair shed in your home.

Also, it’s beneficial in other aspects as the puppy becomes used to grooming, and even this becomes enjoyable to him as he grows older. Also, it reduces shedding. 

When we start grooming a puppy daily, its blood circulation in the skin increases, stimulating the hair follicles and increasing their growth and production.

Proper Diet for Hair Growth

If you want your dog’s hair to grow and glow, you must add some things to the Dog’s Diet. Adding Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to your dog’s food, if it is not already included, will give his coat a healthy, glowing appearance. 

You can get these Omega acids by taking fish oil, coconut oil, and olive oil or by taking additional vitamin supplements (Amazon). They help your dog’s coat stay longer and shiny.

Alternatively, supplement your dog’s food with fish or add a teaspoon of the above oils. Beef bones with bone marrow are also excellent for skin health. Adding such diet and good nutrition to your dog’s food makes your dog’s skin and hair shiny and long.

Long Haired Golden Retriever

Bad Effects of Shaving your Long Haired Golden Retriever

Shaving your Golden Retriever with long hairs harms him. That undercoat regulates the body temperature even when it’s hot outside.

Regardless of the weather or whether you are tired of dog hair, you can’t decide to shave the hair off your Golden Retriever on a whim. 

Long Haired Golden Retrievers have a double coat with a shorter, soft undercoat that helps regulate the temperature. An outer coat that is longer, smooth, and waterproof keeps dirt and debris from your dog.


Why do some golden retrievers have long hair?

Some golden retrievers have long hairs to protect them from dirt and debris. The double coat of these dogs consists of a soft undercoat that regulates their body temperature.

What is the best type of golden Retriever?

Because they are all the same breed, there is no best type of golden Retriever. Ultimately, you should choose a dog based on personal preference and one that fits into your family and lifestyle.
All three types of dogs are energetic and easy to train, serve as guide dogs, and behave similarly. 

Do golden retrievers have long fur?

It is common for golden retrievers to have long, flowing coats with some feathering on them. The long haired golden retrievers were bred to retrieve the game, so they have thick coats with thick undercoats, which makes their fur water-repellent because they were bred to retrieve the game.

Final Verdict

When it comes to growing long hair, each Long Haired Golden Retriever follows a unique timeline. Even their hair color appears in varying shades of gold. However, the main driving force is the dog’s genes. So, if your Golden puppy seems too slow and you don’t know its parents, don’t despair.

When the first feathery patches kick in, you will know long hair is on the way. You will have a coat full of lustrous, shiny golden hair with time. Hope you found the article informative. Thanks for reading!

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