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Why Do Dogs Roll in Fox Poo? (Amazing Secrets)

Foxes are natural predators of dogs; if a dog smells like a fox, it may be less likely to become prey. Dogs have a habit of rolling in fox poo and they do it for many reasons, but the primary reason is to disguise their scent. There’s a reason dogs love to roll in fox poo – and it’s not as gross as you might think! If you’ve ever seen a dog rolling in the grass, Keep reading to find out why dogs roll in fox poo!

Why Do Dogs Roll in Fox Poo?

Dogs may roll in fox poo for a variety of reasons. They may enjoy the smell. Foxes mark their territory with poo so that dogs may claim the area as theirs.

It could also be that they’re trying to disguise their scent. Dogs that smell like fox poo might make predators harder to find. Additionally, they may be curious and want to investigate the strange smell. Whatever the reason, we don’t recommend your dog do it!

Reasons Why Do Dog Roll in Fox Poo

There are other reasons why dogs might roll in poo as well, including communication, hygiene, and play behavior. 

Fox poo disguise:

The smell of fox poo is particularly strong and offensive to humans, so a dog can also avoid detection by us by rolling in it. 

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Why Do Dogs Roll in Fox Poo


In some cases, dogs will roll in fox poo, specifically around the territory boundaries, to communicate with other dogs. They may leave their scent as a warning or indication that this area belongs to them. 


Although it’s not the most pleasant explanation, one theory suggests that dogs roll in fox poo because they think it’s clean. The bacteria in feces can act as disinfectants when ingested, so while most people would view this behavior as disgusting, it is simply a way for dogs to keep themselves clean. 

Play Behavior:

Like children playing in mud puddles and snowbanks, some dogs enjoy rolling around in smelly things for fun! This could be another way for puppies to learn about their environment and explore their senses.

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Why Do Dogs Love to Roll in Fox Poo?

Dogs have a strong sense of smell and love to investigate new smells. When they encounter fox poo, it’s like a new toy! They may also enjoy how it feels on their fur. You shouldn’t allow your dog to roll in fox poo, but if they do, it’s probably just a fun thing.

Why Do Dogs Roll in Fox Poo

Why Do Female Dogs Roll in Fox Poo?

Several theories exist about why female dogs roll in fox poop. It is thought that they do this to mask their scent, which is helpful if they try to avoid detection by another animal or human. They may also do it to socialize with other dogs. Dogs may exchange information through fox poo.

For example, a dog that has rolled in fox poo may be able to communicate to other dogs that there is a fox nearby. Finally, some people believe that female dogs roll in fox poo because they enjoy the smell or taste of it. Regardless of the reason, it is clear that this behavior is common among female dogs.

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Is Fox Poo Bad for Dogs?

It is not dangerous to roll in fox poo but it can harm humans. Fox poo contains parasites that can cause illness in humans. These parasites can be passed on to humans through contact with contaminated soil or water. It is important to avoid contact with fox poo because it contains bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal illnesses in humans.


Why do dogs want to roll in fox poo?

There are a few different theories about why dogs roll in fox poo. One theory is that they try to mask their scent to better blend in with their surroundings and avoid predators’ detection. Another theory is that they do it for the joy of rolling around in something smelly.

How can I stop my dog from rolling in fox poo?

If you’re concerned about your dog’s health or hygiene, you might wonder how you can stop him from rolling in fox poo. If you’re in an area where foxes are known to live, keep them on a leash to deter them. You can also try to keep a close eye on them when you’re out and about. If you see your dog sniffing around for fox poo, distract it with a toy or treat. If they roll in fox poo, clean it thoroughly.


If you see your dog rolling around in something stinky, don’t be too quick to scold them. They may think it smells good! And if you have any other questions about your pup’s behavior, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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