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Is A Cockapoo The Right Dog For You? (Find Out Now!)

First-time pet owners find it challenging to find the perfect breed for their lifestyle. If you are among the 38% of US households already owning a dog, then you are well aware of your preferences. However, even then, many misconceptions surround many dog breeds. 

The most misunderstood are designer dogs since many of these hybrid breeds are fairly recent. Demand for hybrid breeds has skyrocketed, as designer breeds are usually developed to produce healthier dogs. Still, most potential dog owners base their decisions on how the dogs look. 

While how a dog looks is a matter of personal preference, it should not be the sole determining factor. This way, it is necessary to do your research into each potential breed. Today we will focus on the ever-popular Cockapoo and see whether it is a good match for you. 

Cockapoo 101

A Cockapoo is a cross between a Spaniel and a Poodle. Simply knowing that will tell you a lot about this breed. Here is everything you need to know about Cockapoos:

Physical Appearance

Cockapoos are adorable creatures. They are cute and fluffy. Their friendly feature makes them especially suitable for families as kids love them. 

If you are looking for an intimidating guard dog or a dog you can take along for a hunt, then a Cockapoo is not the right choice. There is another reason they are not suited for outdoor activity or farm life, and that has to do with their size, which is discussed below.

Body Size

A Cockapoo is a small dog by all accounts. There are variations within the breed, ranging from the smallest size being the Teacup Toy weighing just 6 pounds and growing to a maximum height of 10 inches. Compared to this, the maximum a Cockapoo can weigh is 19 pounds and reach a height of 15 inches. 

This is not a surprise since it is a mixture of two small breeds of dogs. Considering the size, as mentioned already, the Cockapoo does not make an excellent dog for loving in an ample open space like a farm. But it is the best choice of dog for those who have limited space. If you live in a small house or an apartment, the Cockapoo will fit right in as it requires very little space. 


The Cockapoo is very likable and has a warm personality. Cockapoos have a happy-go-lucky attitude that endeavors them to everyone they encounter. They are very gentle and lovable.

Like most dogs, they crave attention and companionship and can become anxious when left alone. Cockapoos are excellent for kids and other pets, especially when early socialization is introduced. 

They are also very intelligent. This quality makes them easy to train, and they can adapt to circumstances quickly.

Grooming and Maintenance 

As they are Cocker Spaniel and Poodle hybrids, it is natural to expect Cockapoos to have curly or wavy fur. They shed much less than Poodles, making grooming easier. However, curly or wavy fur does require extra attention. 

Regular cleaning and brushing are highly recommended to ensure your dog remains hygienic. Teeth should be brushed daily, and nails and hair should get a trim as needed. This is the standard for all other breeds, so there is nothing unique about grooming Cockapoos. 

Health Concerns

Health complications are the most basic determining factors, if not the most important ones. Most dog owners seek hybrid breeds, as designer dogs are usually considered more resilient and healthier.

Cockapoos do not have many health concerns that are unique to the breed. They have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, which is high for dogs. Some Cockapoos have even been recorded to have reached an age of 20 years. 

Is A Cockapoo The Right Dog For You?

Common health issues in Cockapoos include allergies, hip displacement, eye issues, ear infections, and liver problems. These are common health issues for dogs and are not specific to the breed. 

On the other side, Cockapoos are hypoallergenic. This means people are less likely to develop allergic reactions around Cockapoos. This characteristic makes them good family dogs as young kids and elderly who are immune compromised are sensitive to allergies. 

Activity Requirements

Cockapoos are active dogs. Like most small dogs, they have short bursts of energy. You can help release your dog’s excess energy by taking them outside for a brisk walk or playing with them. 

Use interactive toys inside the house to help them utilize their energy. Going outside is recommended as it fulfills their desire for activity and their need for social connection. 

You can read about all the bad things about Cockapoos on our website, but one thing is clear, they are not dogs built for hard work. Yes, they look adorable and lovable but do not expect your Cockapoo to accompany you on rugged terrain. They make good house dogs; taking them outside should be limited to going to the local park. 

Caring For Your Cockapoo

There are plenty of pros to adopting or buying a Cockapoo. They take up very little room, have a great personality, and are easily trained. Most of all, they have a warm and loving presence. All these things combine to make a perfect family dog. A dog that will get along with all members of the family, and this includes other pets. 

At the same time, there are downsides to owning a Cockapoo. You cannot rely on them to act as good guard dogs or protect your person or belongings against strangers. Its small stature is a significant setback in this regard. Similarly, do not think you can make your Cockapoo do work around the farm. They are also not good at herding or hunting. 


If you want a family dog to get companionship and fluffy cuddles, then the Cockapoo is the right choice. It is essential to know all these details to make an informed decision and select a breed that meets your requirements and preferences.  Another essential thing to consider is whether you are suitable for a Cockapoo. Can you provide your dog with the facilities it needs to thrive? With a Cockapoo, there is not much. Just provide them with the necessities most dogs require, and you will have a happy, healthy pup. 

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