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How to Keep a Golden Retriever’s Nose Black? (Easy Steps)

Golden Retrievers have loved family pets because of their intelligence, loyalty, and friendly demeanour. Their striking feature is their golden coat accented by a black nose. Some Golden Retriever owners might notice their dog’s nose turning pink or brown with age. We will discuss how to keep your Golden Retriever’s nose healthy and black.

How to keep a Golden Retriever’s nose black

These are some great ways to keep your golden retriever’s nostrils black.

Sun Exposure: Protect Your Dog

Dogs can lose their pigment due to sun exposure. Their nose may turn pink or brown. Limiting the time your Golden Retriever spends in direct sunlight is essential. Consider using pet-safe sunscreen if your Golden Retriever spends much time outside.

Offer a balanced diet.

A well-balanced diet will be essential for your dog’s nose and overall health. Your Golden Retriever should get adequate protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Vitamin E is an excellent option to keep your dog’s nose healthy and moisturized.

Keep your dog hydrated.

Dry, cracked noses can also be caused by dehydration. Your Golden Retriever should always have access to clean, fresh water. Consider a pet water fountain to encourage your dog’s thirst.

Pet-Safe Nose Balm

A pet-safe nasal balm can protect your dog’s skin from dryness and sunburn. Looking for dog products free of harmful chemicals or other ingredients would be best.

Keep your dog’s environment clean.

It is also a good idea to keep your dog’s environment clean. This will help avoid nose problems. You can help prevent nose problems by regularly cleaning their food and water bowls.

How to Keep a Golden Retriever's Nose Black?

How old do golden retrievers’ noses change colour?

The noses of Golden Retrievers can change in colour at any time. A Golden Retriever’s nose can change colour most often during winter months. This is due to a condition known as “snow nose” (or “winter nose”), which occurs between the ages 1 and 5. A Golden Retriever’s nose can change colour due to genetics, sun exposure, or other health issues.

Is Your Dog’s Nose Going Black?

It all depends on why your dog’s nose turned pink or brown. Their nose might turn black again in the summer due to temporary conditions like “snow nose” and “winter nose.” It is unlikely that their nose will return to black if it has become permanently pink or brown from sun exposure, genetics, or other health problems. If your dog’s nose changes, you must watch them and talk to your vet for any concerns.


What amount of sun exposure is too much for a Golden Retriever’s nose, you ask?

Golden Retrievers can get sunburned on their noses, leading to a pinkish or brownish appearance. You should limit the sun they are exposed to, especially between 10 am and 4 pm. You can help them protect their noses by providing shade or pet-safe sunscreen.

Can I apply human sunscreen to my Golden Retriever’s nose with sunscreen?

It would help if you did not use human sunscreen on your Golden Retriever’s skin. Some ingredients in human sunscreen are toxic for dogs, like zinc oxide. Look for pet-safe sunscreen that has been specifically designed for dogs.

What can I do if my Golden Retriever has a dry, cracked nose?

It is vital to moisturize your Golden Retriever’s dry, cracked nose with pet-safe nasal balm. Dogs can be allergic to lotions and moisturizers made from human skin. Your dog should be well-hydrated and eat a healthy diet. Consult your veterinarian if your dog’s nose appears bleeding or cracked.


The appearance and health of a Golden Retriever’s nose are essential. You can keep your dog’s nose healthy and black by protecting them from the sun, giving them a balanced diet, keeping them hydrated, applying the pet-safe nasal balm, and cleaning their surroundings. You should consult your veterinarian if you notice any changes to your dog’s nose or health.

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