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Do Golden Retrievers Have Dew Claws? (Should We Remove)

To be a responsible pet owner, you must understand various aspects of your pet’s anatomy, including its dewclaws. A dewclaw is a vestigial digit found on many animals, including dogs. We will discuss in this article if Golden Retrievers Have Dew Claws, how useful they are, and whether they should be removed.

Do Golden Retrievers Have Dew Claws?

Yes, Golden Retrievers have dew claws. Dewclaws are found on the inside of their front legs, slightly above the paw. They may also have dewclaws on their hind legs, but this is less common.

Are Dewclaws Useful In Golden Retrievers?

Especially in hunting and sporting dogs, dewclaws can provide additional traction and support when running or turning. They can also keep wrist and ankle joints stable, reducing the risk of injuries.

Dew Claws on Golden Retrievers: Should They Be Removed?

The decision to remove dewclaws in Golden Retrievers is a personal one. It’s important to note that dewclaws are a natural part of a dog’s anatomy and serve a purpose. However, some owners and breeders opt to have them removed for aesthetic reasons or to prevent potential injuries.

Why Are Dewclaws Removed In Dogs by Some People?

Dewclaws are removed for a variety of reasons. Some breeders believe it improves the dog’s appearance or reduces the risk of injury. Others may remove dewclaws to comply with breed standards or to make grooming easier. In some cases, a veterinarian may recommend removing the dewclaw if dew claw is injured or causing pain.

Advantages of Removing Dew Claws from Golden Retrievers

Removing the dewclaws from Golden Retrievers is the best way to prevent injury. Dew claws can get caught on objects, such as furniture and fences, and tear or break. This can be extremely painful for the dog and require veterinary attention.

Golden Retriever Dewclaw Removal Disadvantages: Dew Claws Get Caught and Torn

Removing dew claws can have its own set of disadvantages. Golden Retrievers may have reduced stability and traction without dewclaws, particularly when running on slippery surfaces. Removing dew claws can also be painful and traumatic for the dog and may lead to complications such as infections or excessive bleeding.

Why Shouldn’t I Remove My Golden Retriever’s Dewclaws?

Dewclaws are a natural part of a dog’s anatomy and serve a purpose. Removing them can lead to potential health problems and reduce the dog’s ability to perform certain activities. It’s important to consider the potential risks and benefits before removing dewclaws.

Do Golden Retrievers Have Dew Claws?

Do Golden Retrievers Need to Have Their Dewclaws Removed?

No, Golden Retrievers do not need to have their dewclaws removed. It’s ultimately a personal decision based on the dog’s needs. However, if the dew claw is injured or causing pain, removal may be necessary for the dog’s well-being.

List of Dog Breeds with Dewclaws

There are other breeds of dogs with dewclaws besides Golden Retrievers, including the Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard, and Beauceron. To maintain your dog’s health and well-being, you should understand the breed-specific characteristics of their dewclaws.


In conclusion, dewclaws in Golden Retrievers are a natural and functional part of their anatomy, providing additional support and stability in certain activities. Even though some owners and breeders may decide to remove them for various reasons, it’s important to think carefully before removing them. The ultimate decision should be based on the needs of the individual dog. As responsible pet owners, it’s important to understand our pets’ anatomy and make informed decisions for their well-being.


Are dewclaws useless on dogs?

No, dewclaws are not useless on dogs. They provide additional traction and stability during certain activities and can reduce the risk of injury.

Is it painful for dogs to have their dewclaws removed?

Yes, dewclaw removal can be painful and traumatic for dogs. It may also lead to complications such as infections or excessive bleeding.

Can dewclaws get caught and torn?

Yes, dewclaws can get caught on objects such as furniture or fences and tear or break. This can be painful for the dog and may require veterinary care.

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