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Can Dogs Eat Durian? (Is Durian Good for Dogs)

Like most people, you probably think of durian as a stinky fruit best avoided. However, did you know dogs can eat this spiky oddity without problems? There are some benefits to feeding durian to your furry friend. Here is a detailed guide on Can Dogs Eat Durian and some reasons your dog might benefit from eating this unusual food.

Can Dogs Eat Durian?

Yes, dogs can eat durian, but only in moderation. The durian fruit is safe for dogs, but the pit and seeds are not. Also, the durian’s strong smell may be too much for some dogs. If you do feed your dog durian, make sure to remove the pit and seeds first.

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Benefits of Durian for Dogs

The durian fruit is a good source of vitamins C and B6 and minerals like copper and manganese. Durian can also help settle an upset stomach.

Risks of Durian for Dogs

Because durian contains thiaminase, it is poisonous to dogs. Dogs can develop severe neurological problems if they are not provided with thiamine, an essential vitamin. Without thiamine, dogs can develop weakness, seizures, and paralysis. You should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible if you suspect your dog has eaten durian.

Can Dogs Eat Durian

Alternatives to Durian for Dogs

If you’re looking for a safe and healthy treat for your dog, plenty of options are available. Some good alternatives to durian include apples, bananas, and carrots. All these fruits are safe for dogs to eat and provide them with essential nutrients to stay healthy.


When it comes to fruit, durian is a no-go for dogs. The fruit’s flesh contains a thiaminase chemical that breaks down thiamine in the body. Thiamine is an essential vitamin for dogs; without it, they can develop serious neurological problems. If you think your dog has eaten durian, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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Is Durian Safe for Dogs?

There is a lot of love for durian, but is it safe for our furry friends? Let’s take a closer look at if dogs can consume durian.
The short answer is that durian is not poisonous to dogs. However, a few things to remember before sharing this delicious treat with your pup.
The large seeds found in durian are a choking hazard for dogs, so giving them only a small amount is best. Durian is also high in fat, which may cause digestive problems in your dog.
Overall, durian is safe for dogs in moderation. Just be sure to monitor their intake and watch for any signs of digestive upset.


Is durian safe for dogs?

You should remove the seeds before giving your dog any durian, as they are a choking hazard. Durian is not poisonous to dogs but is high in fat and may cause digestive issues.

Can dogs eat durian seeds?

No, the seeds are a choking hazard for dogs. Be sure to remove them before giving your dog any durian.

How much durian can dogs eat?

Durian is safe for dogs in moderation. Just be sure to monitor their intake and watch for any signs of digestive upset. Durian is safe for dogs in moderation. Just be sure to monitor their intake and watch for any signs of digestive upset.


Even though dogs have not been reported to get sick from eating durians, you should avoid feeding this tropical fruit to your pets. You could try one of the many other animals that love this savory snack instead if you must share your durian with someone else!

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